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In a moving ambulance, giving a quality patient care is very much challenging. If the vehicle is not manufactured with safety measures then it will become dangerous also. An ambulance should be built in such a way that, the people inside it should be safe even if it met with some vehicle crash, a sudden stoppage of the vehicle, which can cause minor or serious injury to the passengers inside it. This may further worsen the condition.

Researches and collection of data on the EMS injuries and such vehicle accidents had made the Dazzle to become more aware of such dangers. Thus the Dazzle manufactures are trying to improve the ambulance safety. However, there are several other factors which will affect the ambulance safety. The design of the ambulance, especially its construction and maintenance are considered primarily. Recently, the dazzle vehicle conversion team had started to design and manufacture with effective solutions to such manufacturing issues. Dazzle ambulance manufacturers had started using modern safety design for ambulances and are now producing new and improved ambulances. Nowadays, the industry standards had improved with the static and also dynamic tests to prevent the vehicle crash of the products.

Dazzle at UAE has years of experience and also had conducted many researches in the construction methods of the ambulances. Thus became educated on the designs and standards of the ambulances, and are bringing out the best ambulances with excellent safety.

The main objective of the Dazzle is to deliver an ambulance with latest design guidelines, improved performance standards and also checking the requirements in it. Some of the important items which are addressing for the standards of the vehicle include seat belt warning systems, occupant seating and restraint, cot and equipment retention, monitoring of tire pressure and carbon monoxide and patient compartment integrity tests. The new standards of vehicles are mainly based on the safety testing.

Remounted boxes are required to improve important safety aspects like the stretcher mounts. With that, while creating the design of the ambulances more priorities are given to the safety and then to comfort and beauty. A well planned design will also prevent us from making costly construction during the manufacturing. All the heavy equipments like the oxygen cylinders, medical kits, and mechanical CPR devices should be place in a proper place.  Warning devices are a must in emergency vehicles. The emergency lights and sounds devices can enhance the safety of the crew. The ambulances also should have the safe seating by meeting the standards like head clearance, seat belts, patient access and the child restraints.

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